Live Video Experience with Santa

A safe, super-fun, magical video experience for your little ones

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Christmas events are being cancelled throughout Ventura Country

But the Christmas spirit should live on! Watch your child's eyes light up when Santa greets them by name, talks about their interests, and even knows their family and teacher’s names. Plus, you’ll have memories that you can cherish forever.
Book now to reserve your experience with Santa before we’re sold out (limited time slots available).

Safe & Easy: It’s safe & secure for you and your family from the comfort of your home.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Schedule your virtual session with Santa

  2. Send details to help Santa personalize your experience

  3. Let Santa keep the kids engaged while you take a break at home

What you’ll get:

  • Personalized experience: Santa will know exactly what’s on your child's mind from the details that you provide, so that your child feels like Santa is their best friend.

  • Magical moment: You’ll receive a short guide that helps make your child's experience even more magical from the comfort of your own home.

  • High-quality charm: You'll see high-quality video and audio to be remembered forever.

Sunday 12/13 - Sales Ended

Ready to get started?

Live with Santa - The Ultimate Video Experience $20 (Most Popular)

Video chat live with Santa! It’s a magical experience your child will remember forever.
Book now by clicking on one of the time slots available (spaces fill up quickly). If you’re unable to book, that time slot has been taken.
Time slots:

Wednesday 12/23

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@5:30PM - Book here
@5:40PM - SOLD OUT
@5:50PM - Book here

@6:00PM - Book here
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@6:20PM - Book here

@6:30PM - Book here
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@6:50PM - Book here


Video Message from Santa - Send Your Loved Ones a Pleasant Surprise $15 (Often gifted)

Surprise your loved one with a video message from Santa. Your family or friend will get a 1-2 minute pre-record video message wishing them a very merry Christmas, with personalized details so it'll seem like Santa's their best friend. Why send a card when you can send a pre-recorded message from Santa himself?

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About us

We all remember Christmas time as a child, family coming over, sharing a household full of love and happiness. But our family had a special tradition. Our grandfather would dress up as Santa to surprise all of us. Our faces would light up in joy as we got to sit on Santa's lap. In honor of our grandfather, we continue this tradition to this day and it's always a joy seeing the little one's faces light up. Although we can't do our tradition in person this year, we wanted to find ways to spread joy throughout the holiday season. And not just to our family. But to yours as well. Here's to a very merry Christmas.
Santa Claus

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